Harvest handS

Welcome to International Harvest Hands, a service that provides you with experienced and motivated seasonal workers. Focused on staff for the high peak seasons of crop and vegetable farms, staff needs in dairying and the equine industry can also be met.


As part of the NZ rural community, but originally from Germany, I am connecting you with young farmers from Germany who want to gain more practical experience overseas.

If you need staff to fill a position in your hard and efficient working team, I can find you the right person. Depending on your specifications of the required skills, timeframe and other vital details I will work through applications, check individual visa requirements and language skills to find the matching applicants while you can prepare for the season without interruption and the hassle of going through all the steps of recruitment.

This service is not about placing backpackers on farms. It is about connecting you with agricultural career orientated people. Applicants are mostly between the age of 20 and 30 years with a farming background and the willingness to work hard, resulting in a great addition to your team.

Each applicant will fill out a questionnaire and skype with me. I will be able to give you details of their English skills alongside information about their farming experience and machinery or livestock skills, their expectations and motivation as well as the timeframe they want to commit to working. When applicants meet your criteria you will be provided with all of the above information to get in touch and discuss the exact starting day and other details.

Applicants seek seasonal fixed term work with appropriate wages and the possibility of an accommodation.

If you would like me to source suitable staff members for your team or you have any questions regarding the service I provide or simply request a quote please do not hesitate to get in touch.


Phone: 027 457 2687